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2018 International Literary Prize Results


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2019 International

Writing Competition Results

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The winners were announced on December's Billboard TV episode on 15th December 2019. You can watch it here.   


All shortlisted stories and poetry will be published in the annual Hammond House anthologies due for release in early 2020. You can pre-order the anthologies here

Prizes will be awarded at our Annual Literary Festival on Wednesday 5th February 2020 at the University Centre Grimsby.

Everyone who entered the competitions is invited, together with friends and family. Find out more here.


Feedback will commence in January 2020 and should be completed by March 2020.

Short Story

Short Story


1st Place: Tenacity Penguin | Matt Wixey

2nd Place: The Levensons | Tara Roeder

3rd Place: Locked In | Peter Hankins

Shortlisted Entries:


Cartolandia | Enzo Kohara Franca, UK

No Answer | Eamon O'Leary

Like Paradise | Oliver Bussell

The Milky Way | Chrissie Maroulli

The New Sieve | Colin Kerr

More Ways To Leave Your Lover | Don Rhodes

Rifle | Joshua Bruyning

Freeing Yasmin | Wendy Riley

Running Up That Hill | Jonathan Page

The Moving People | Guy Baillie-Grohman

Sarah | Christopher Owen

The Easy Now | Blythe Eveleigh-Evans

Rootless | Hanne Larsson

A Woman Who Knows | Kate Carne

All That Cannot Be Helped | Joe Eurell

Blessed Trinity | Gordon Wilson

Bloodletting | Kyle Waters

High Radon Gas Expectancy | Sarit Elkon

How To Become Crimson | Richard Salsbury

Leaving | Clara Harland

Mirror, Mirror | Lucy Grace

No Two Ways | Erik Löfroth

Notice of Eviction | Kevin Davis

Patchwork | Clementine Collett

Six Letters, Two Months, One Year | Verity Capstick

Snow and Feathers | Michelle Jager

Stale Peaches | David O'Dwyer

Staying to Leave | Mags Brown

The Cruellest Leash | T. H. Kunze

Judge's Choice:

Olivia's Plan | Richard Burtle

My Name Was Joy | Alan Kennedy

Student Competition Winners:

The Accident | C.S Lawrence

Dark Waters | L.E Beacock 

Gladstone's Sorrow | Laura Ann Kenny




1st Place: Leaving Home | William Hatchett

2nd Place: So we will leave before they come with guns | Sam Szanto

3rd Place: Should I Go or Should I Stay | David McVey

Shortlisted Entries:

Farewell to a nightingale | Ruth Flanagan

I'm Only Joking | Deborah Sheppard

Tadeusz | Philip Burton

Leaving | Frances Malaney

Opening the Box | Tim Taylor

Dark Hearted | Keira Brite

Goodbye, my sunshine country | Ramona Pata

Easy Come Easy Go | Graham Pratt

Distance | Alison McNulty

The Wrong Station | Mary Williams

Liberation | Kate Lindsay

Leaving you | Lizzie Smith

Journey | Selma Carvalho

Goodbyes to my young soul | Mette Honoré

Petulance | Steven Willett

The Last Visit | Donald McCrory

Cheating Death | Nels Rodwell

In The Dark Backward | Alison McNulty

Bound | Stacey George

The Pier | Philipa Coughlan

In The Details | Sharon Dormer

Dreams of Leaving | Donna Williams

Image of a Young Girl in the Throes | Peter Clarke

Moving Out | Dawn Vincent

Shadows | Anthony Khoo

Judge's Choice:

Turning Left | Valerie Wynne

Night Crossing | Val Ormrod




1st Place: On The Bench | Matt Wixey

2nd Place: Fear of Monsters | Allan Wood

3rd Place: Be Quiet and Drive | Chris Alcock

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