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Results by 1st December
Awards Ceremony 13th December
to everyone who entered
Results by 1st December
Awards Ceremony 13th December
to everyone who entered


See the results from our Annual International Literary Prize in all five categories.

The winners were announced on Billboard TV on 11th December 2022. You can watch the episode here.    

All shortlisted stories and poetry will be published in the annual Hammond House anthologies due for release in early 2023. Pre-orders coming soon.

Prizes will be awarded at our Annual Literary Festival at the University Centre Grimsby. Date TBC. 

Feedback will commence in January 2023 and should be completed by the end of March 2023.

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short story


1st Place:  High Intensity Interval Training, Ian Critchley, United Kingdom
2nd Place:   Open Lines, Emma Burnett, United Kingdom
3rd Place:   Rasp, Sarah Walker, Australia

Highly Commended:

Beneath the surface, Malina Douglas, Australia
Dead Man's Switch, Megan Anderson, Australia

The Animals around Me, Sian Dodderidge, United Kingdom

The Chinese Boy, David McIlwraith, Canada

The Circus People, EJ Robinson, United Kingdom

The Dogs of Arkansas, Phillip Mandel, United States
The Joined, Chris Sewart, United Kingdom

Shortlisted Entries:

A Ruby the Size of the Ritz, Tania Brassey, United Kingdom

A Swarm Called Mavis, Brad Gyori, United Kingdom

At Risk of Serious Personal Harm, Dianne Bown-Wilson, United Kingdom

Dear sun, Olivia Ramsey, United States

Express Adult Single, Sasha Ockenden, Germany

Flawless, Hayley Young, Australia

Homeward, Natalie Southworth, Canada

Lioness, Simon Van der Velde, United Kingdom

Over And Under The Water, Emma Burnett, United Kingdom

Punched Out, Alan Bray, United States

Regeneration, Anna Round, United Kingdom

Rowan, Naomi Elster, Ireland

The Grave Bell, Wesley Spena, United States

The Lover From Upwind,  Claire Tallentirem United Kingdom

The Night Creatures, HowardHalsall, United Kingdom

The Pioneer, Adrian Carswell, United Kingdom

The Silver Hoard of Whatisname, Jean Cooper Moran, United Kingdom

We are gathered, Emma J Myatt, United Kingdom

What Is She Doing? Fhionna McGeechan, United Kingdom

What's the Point? MZ Pevsner, United Kingdom

Wipeout, Felicia Henderson, Australia

Student Winners

Plus ça change…, Emma Townsend, United Kingdom

Old Conkerby, Lauren Wordsworth, United Kindom

Pretty in Pink, Tina Hall, United Kingdom

Editors Choice: ANNOUNCED IN JANUARY 2023




1st Place:  Spell for Single Parents, Kitty Donnelly, United Kingdom
2nd Place:  All the clothes you'll ever need, Val Ormrod, United Kingdom
3rd Place: My Parents' House, Suri Chan, Australia 

Highly Commended:

Buttermere, Philippa Howell, United Kingdom

Following Bathsheba, Julie Runacres, United Kingdom

Positions, Roy Woolley, United Kingdom

pyaar mein phansaaya, Susan Wilson, United Kingdom

The Keeper, Guinevere Clark, United Kingdom

Versiyonlarimizi, Cemil & Rosalind Yildiz & Fielding, Turkey/France/UK

Shortlisted Entries:

The Burning, Val Ormrod, United Kingdom

On a journey , Anthony Powers, United Kingdom

Along the Spine, Penny Shutt, United Kingdom

Arms And The City, Tony Trafford, United Kingdom

Between Five and Nine, Sophie Price, United Kingdom

Bone Maker, Guinevere Clark, United Kingdom

Dad’s Dad and the Duomo, Isabella Mead, United Kingdom

De-grouping, Katy Bienek, United Kingdom

Displaced, Grazia Marin, Australia

Getting to know my father at forty, Beliz Mckenzie, United Kingdom

Glassblower, Anne Hodnette, United Kingdom

Heart of Glass, Jaime Gabriel Gana, Canada

How’s the enemy?, Alison McNulty, United Kingdom

I Will Change, Howard Marshall, United Kingdom

In Figures, Roy Woolley, United Kingdom

Joan, My Stepmother, Peter Clegg, United Kingdom

Life and death of a log, Lizzie Smith, United Kingdom

Meeting My Guitar, Tim Taylor, United Kingdom

Metamorphosis, Tim Taylor, United Kingdom

Nativity, Alan Coombe, United Kingdom

Neon Slipstream, Paris Rosemont, Australia 

Oh, Grazia Marin, Australia 

Ordinary Miracle, David Holper, United States

Out of Season, Alan Coombe, United Kingdom

Revolutions, Alan Coombe, United Kingdom

The Death Of A Procrastinator, Guo Ru, Australia

The Discarded Chair, Elaine Howell, United Kingdom

The Spinning Wheel, Ruth Flanagan, United Kingdom

Water and Fire, Alan Coombe, United Kingdom

When, Grazia Marin, Australia




1st Place: The Trojan Horse, Nash Colundalur, United Kingdom

2nd Place: The Cord, Elizabeth Carroll, United Kingdom

3rd Place (Joint): Feeding on a Man's Wound, Anthony Powers, United Kingdom

3rd Place (Joint): Who Stole our Fish?, Harry Turnbull, United Kingdom

Highly Commended:

Friends for Life, Julie Anne Booth, United Kingdom

Shortlisted Entries:

Bleached, Susanna Cupido, Canada

Changes, Cameron Rockwell, United States

Cutting Edge, Noel Campbell, United Kingdom

Oranges and Lemons, Richard Layton, United Kingdom

Setting the Record Straight, Naomi Elster, Ireland

Wyn Win, Philippa Howell, United Kingdom





1st Place: Tapestry For The Blind, Kirily McKellor, Australia

2nd Place: Proverb, Jen Emery, United Kingdom

3rd Place: The Poet Said, Laura Theis, United Kingdom

Shortlisted Entries:

A Song For Tomorrow, Hank Isaac, United States

Alone In Her Room, Jen  Emery, United Kingdom

Voidbringer, Kirily McKellor, Australia



1st Place: Wake Up To Reality, Penelope McMorris, France

2nd Place: Change, Sharam Gill, United Kingdom

3rd Place:Lonesome, Lovesick And Cold, Robert Neil and Scott Nicol, Scotland





1st Place: Alphabet Suit, Iain McGrath, United Kingdom

2nd Place: Cannabis Chaos, Robert Brintnall, United States

3rd Place: Botch Job, Letty Butler, United Kingdom

Shortlisted Entries:

Five Minutes with Tiger and Feral, Vivienne  Burrows, Australia

The Boxed In Poet, Aoibheann & Andrea McCann & Ipaktchi, Ireland

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