Amanda Staples is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist intrigued by the workings of the mind and with a minor obsession with death in her writing. She lives in Bristol with her husband and two anthropomorphized dogs. Amanda has had success with short stories being placed or winning competitions. She has self-published a cookbook titled Eating for Energy (available on Amazon) detailing how she managed her Chronic Fatigue with food. Additionally, Amanda has a one-act play going into production and is touting a two-act play about whilst trying to find an agent/publisher for her first novel and completing her second. Some titbits of her writing is below.


Cause and Effect (short story)

A homophobic man on his deathbed tries to connect with his gay son whose partner is not about to let him off the hook. This award winning story is published in CONFLICT, an anthology of 27 award-winning short stories available here or from all good high street and on-line booksellers.


One Moment (short story)

A lady ends up in a police station for snatching a child after the loss of her own. But all is not as it seems.


Papier Mache Doll (short story)

Peony and her sister have never got on. The death of their father brings to light a truth hidden all their lives. One of them was adopted and their birth mother is a woman their dad had an affair with.  


Weston on a Sunday (one-act play)

A lady with Alzheimer’s disease is being put in a home. Her house is for sale and she mistakes a viewer for her daughter and various people from her past. Bittersweet comedy.


Book Club Support Group (two-act play)

A group of women form unlikely friendships by discussing the various difficulties with their lives (whilst awaiting another member of their group who has mysteriously gone awol) and never discussing the book.  Bittersweet comedy.


Those Left Behind (novel)

Iain has MND. He tells his best friend he is going to commit suicide. She has to deal with the knowledge she honoured his wishes and didn’t intervene whilst dealing with her own grief and that of his family. We follow five characters and see some expected and unexpected reactions as the death forces them to examine their own lives and potentially make changes.


Eating for Energy

Healthy eating cookbook that is refined sugar, dairy, meat and wheat free. Aimed at people who want to combat fatigue with food, but also suitable for the popular food intolerances.




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