Hammond House are proud to have published award-winning writers from around the world in our short story and poetry anthologies, novels, and children's books, reflecting the diverse cultures, history, politics and economies that influence authors and their stories.


Gordon Aindow (adult fiction)

United Kingdom

Deyanira Andreieff (adult fiction)

Alanah Andrews (adult fiction) 

Yallourn North, Victoria, Australia

Alyx Arrowood (adult fiction)

Lawrenceville, USA

Ben Arum Scott (adult fiction)

John Ashbrook (adult fiction)

Dave Ashwin (poetry)

Croydon, Sussex, UK



Bridget Blankley (adult fiction)

Southampton, UK

Justine Bothwick (adult fiction)

Rome, Italy

Patricia Boulton (adult fiction)

Tittensor, UK 

Mags Brown (adult fiction)

Mary Brown (adult fiction)

London, UK

Mathew Brummond (adult fiction)

Charleston, South Carolina, USA 

Graham Buckby (adult fiction)

Grimsby, UK

Heather Buckby (adult fiction)

Grimsby, UK

John Bunting (adult fiction)

South Godstone, Surrey, UK

Philllip Burton (adult fiction)

Lancashire, UK


Linda Chafer (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK 

Alastair Chisholm (adult fiction)

Edinburgh Scotland

Persephone Clearwater (adult fiction)

Karen Cogan (adult fiction)

London, UK

Peter Collins (adult fiction)

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Susan Coons (adult fiction)

Camp Hill, PA ,USA


Daniel Darwood (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK

Young Dawkins (poetry)

Sandy Bay, Tasmania

David Dixon (poetry)

Burnley, UK 

Sharon Dormer (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK

Carley Drake (adult fiction)

Zionsville, Indiana, USA


Michael Edwards (poetry)

Lincolnshire, UK

Roger Elkin (poetry)

Staffordshire, UK

Jo Else (adult fiction)

London, UK


Kurtis Fagg (adult fiction)

Grimsby, North Lincolnshire, UK

Joe Fuller (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK 


Grace Gallur (adult fiction)

Parkville, Victoria, Australia

Stacey George (poetry)

Grampound, UK

Gemma Gilbert (adult fiction)

Lucy Grace (adult fiction)

Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

Jarret Green (poetry)

St. Louis, USA


Paul Hale (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK

Marc Hall (adult fiction)

Grimsby, North Lincolnshire, UK

Marian Harrison (adult fiction)

Janavi Held (poetry)

Connecticut, USA

Ingvar Helsing Lundqvist (fiction)

Olofstorp, Denmark

Jill Hilton (adult fiction)

Jemma Hough (adult fiction)


Paul Ings (poetry)

Dysina, Czech Republic


Helen Jackson (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK

Steve Jackson (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK

Arthur M Jolly (screenplay)

Houston, Texas

Toni Josefsen (adult fiction)


Margaret Kemp (adult fiction)

Prudence King (adult fiction)

Poole, Dorset, UK


Miguel La'Pez (adult fiction)

Bogota, Colombia

Judy Levitz (adult fiction)

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Rhiannon Lewis (adult fiction)

Abergavenny, Wales

Ruth Liddemore (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK


Konstandinos Mahoney (poetry)

London, UK

Peter Mallett (adult fiction)

Kobe, Japan

Macauley Marshall (adult fiction)

Bruce Marsland (poetry)

Oregon, USA

Armani Martel (adult fiction)

Quebec, Canada

Daphne Martin (poetry)

Mallorca, Spain

Nicola Massden (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK

Eric McDonald (adult fiction)

Natasha McLellan (adult fiction)

Morag McKinnon (poetry)

Lower Sunbury, UK

Andrea Mehew (adult fiction)

Nino Memanishvili (adult fiction)

Tbilsi, Republic of Georgia

Melissa Mordi (poetry)

Canterbury, UK

Brenda Mumford (adult fiction)

Cristina Muresan (adult fiction)

London, UK

Emma J. Myatt (Adult Fiction), Scotland, UK


Amy Naylor (adult fiction)

Lina Nicklin (adult fiction)

Lincoln, UK


Henry Oheagbulam (adult fiction)

Lagos, Nigeria


Michelle Politiski (poetry)

California, USA



Olivia Waelde (adult fiction)

Shona Wall (adult fiction)

Anjali Wierney (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK

Julian Williams (screenplay)

Stourport, UK

Archie Wilson (poetry)

Buckinghamshire, UK

Sam Wood (adult fiction)


Wen Xie (adult fiction)

Arlington, Virginia, USA

Shelly Rahman (adult fiction)

Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Karen Richardson (screenplay)

Lincolnshire, UK

Hugh Riches (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK

Greta Ross (poetry)

Canterbury, UK

Mario Lopez Roldan (poetry)

Paris, France

E.C Robinson (adult fiction)

Lynn Roulstone (poetry)

Kingston-on-Thames, UK


Abdurahman Saeed (poetry)

Norfolk, UK

Brooke Shamblin (poetry)

Virginia, USA

Laurence Short (adult fiction)

Vlad Silvas (adult fiction)

Lasi, Romania

Sarah Smith (children's fiction)

'Who's Afraid of the Dark? Not Me!'

Ted Stanley (adult fiction, play)

Lincolnshire, UK

Amanda Staples (adult fiction)

Bristol, UK

Caitlin Stobie (poetry)

Leeds, UK

Carrie Strandt (adult fiction)


Jeff Taylor (adult fiction)

Hamilton, New Zealand

S.T Taylor (adult fiction)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Abi Thompson (adult fiction)

Alex Thompson (adult fiction) 

Lincolnshire, UK

Alison Thompson (adult fiction)

New South Wales, Australia

Peter True (adult fiction)

Lincolnshire, UK