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Barry lives in the far north of Scotland near John O'Groats and is a retired primary head teacher and education development officer. He writes crime thrillers, paranormal crime thrillers and thrillers with a political twist, and has several books published on Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Band N. His novels Waves Break and Shifting Sands have received an excellent response on The Online Book Club. 

Barry's work:


Waves Break (on Unknown Shores)

Past events cast shadows you can't outrun. Wayne and Phil knew that better than anyone, after Stevie died, way back when they were children. A pebble dropped in a pool. Ripples spreading outwards. Who knew where they would end?

Available on Amazon

Shifting Sands

What secrets lie behind the secure walls of Westleigh Lodge? When Winston encounters a disorientated, naked man on a country lane at midnight, the tale he has to tell stirs the interest of journalist, Phil Tyler. Their enquiries draw him, his friends and his colleagues deeper into a dangerous and disturbing world where nothing is quite what it seems.

Available on Amazon


Joe never imagined how serious the consequences would be. Maybe if he had, things would have been different; maybe he would have made a different choice. But maybe not; sometimes you just have to do what’s right, don’t you? That’s what Joe believed. But now he’s being hunted. Forced to flee his home, to leave behind his wife and children, Joe has to face a new reality. He must run until he’s caught and killed or he must turn and fight.

Available on Amazon

Breakers (available to pre-order)

No-one who was aware of the events of September and October 20 will ever forget them. For those people who were directly involved, the memory will haunt them to the grave. Recollecting the storms alone is enough to cause nightmares; but recalling the events which took place under the cover of that violence, well... that is another matter altogether.

Available to pre-order on Amazon

The Hand of Ronan Hawke

Cyrus is trapped in a nightmare from which he cannot escape. After a life-changing tragedy, he knows he must hunt down those responsible and he must understand why. His journey will take him from the darkest corners of the city to the remote and lonely highlands, where, he hopes to discover the awful truth about the mysterious "Mr Smith" and those who lurk in the shadows behind him. But he cannot do it alone.

Available on Amazon

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