Carrie's strong sense of humour helps her to lead a challenging life, working in mental health, studying for a BA in Professional Writing and being a busy single mum with three children, two of whom are enjoying the hormone driven behaviour of their teenage years.  Both her family and her job provide endless inspiration for her writing, which covers a wide range of subjects and media including short stories, screenplays and graphic novels.  She cites the moral dilemmas found in Jodie Picoult novels as a major influence on her work, and admires her ‘…captivating prose which grips you from the first page and transports you to another place.’  


Carrie is now following a passion for writing she has had since a young girl, and is looking forward to meeting new challenges and seeing where they will take her.  In her first screenplay, Forgive Me Father, a woman finds comfort in the conventions and rituals of her religious upbringing as she struggles to come to terms with a terminal illness. Her short story, The Night Shift, is an autobiographical tale reflecting on a long and lonely night shift in a mental health ward. Her latest short story The Dating Game, due to be published later this year, follows the humorous attempts of a recently divorced woman to get back into the game. In a literary world dominated by fantasy violence and erotica, Carrie’s engaging style demonstrates a rare talent for finding humour, inspiration, and drama in everyday lives.





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