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David Evardson is a published author from Cleethorpes who has been writing for over 20 years and has published seven novels. His short story Tea With Aggie was Highly Commended in Hammond House's 2018 competition and published in the Precious anthology. His novels strongly feature Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Lincolnshire. 

David's novels:

The Fenwold Riddle

An impenetrable wall encloses the land of Fenwold, its origins shrouded in the mists of time. Those who live in its shadow sweat out a meagre living from the land, but marauding raiders attack their villages and steal their livelihood. Brave young Council Marshal Dominic Bradley comes into close contact with the mysterious Wall in his struggle to combat the outlaw bands. Bradley has been charged with the task of finding a way through the Wall to a new land that lies on its far side. He hopes not only to uncover his people's heritage, but also to deliver them to their destiny. How or where to begin, he has no idea - until he hears an old woman recite a strange and compelling riddle...

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The Fenwold Inheritance

Having conquered the hitherto impenetrable Wall surrounding 30th century Fenwold, Marshal Dominic Bradley sets out to establish a New Settlement as his ancestors intended. But first he must overcome Fenwold's scornful leaders who are bent on discrediting him. Will the Ancient Ones' hologram messenger Cara give up her stores of technological wonders to build a future for Fenwold's citizens? And how will Bradley react when Cara discloses a terrible truth that threatens everything that he and his people have worked for? In this exciting sequel to The Fenwold Riddle, Bradley must employ every ounce of his resourcefulness to combat a strange and powerful enemy from the stars.

Available to purchase from Amazon

Gelding For Beginners

Nothing ever happens to Albert. A shy and lonely, thirty-something chemical factory production clerk on Lincolnshire's industrial Humber Estuary, his boring life seems to be taking him nowhere. Then one Friday night while leaving the cinema he is abducted by three mysterious women, who bundle him into their car, sedate him and eventually abandon him naked in the Lincolnshire countryside. For once motivated not to be one of life's victims, he resolves to track down his abductresses and find out why they selected him for such cruel treatment.


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A Fitter's Life
The life and times of a Grimsby marine engine fitter, told in prose and song. This is the story of my father's childhood and working life as a master tradesman fitter, and although the work was exacting and pressurised, it's clear there was also time for fun. Childhood escapades, workplace practical jokes, respect for the fishermen and fellow tradesmen, together with the sadness of the trade's inevitable decline - all these were fodder for songs which Dad and I gleaned from his lifetime of memories.

Available to purchase from Amazon

The Crooked Link 

Stanley arrives in Cleethorpes clutching a bag full of hot money. His aim is to buy a house, if he can just sell his London property first. But Spencer, the owner of the cash, wants it back - along with Stanley’s hide. Stanley favours the Victorian mansion of burned-out executive Eric and his wife Betty, who need to move on as part of Eric's ingenious early retirement plan. Jenny is sea captain Harry's long-term mistress. When his wife dies, rather than let Jenny move in, he plans to profit by selling up and seeking a cheaper property. Merry widow Jill wants to give up her terraced home and go globe-trotting with best friend Carla - against the wishes of her grasping daughter and son-in-law. Will Stanley’s money-laundering plan pay off? Can he achieve a quick sale and unlock the chain to everyone’s benefit? Or will Spencer track him down, retrieve his loot and do nasty things to him? They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And when that link is also crooked, it sounds like a recipe for disaster. But maybe not for everyone ...

Available to purchase from Amazon

A Donkeyman's Journey (Part 1 of 2)

It's 1878 and the height of the industrial revolution. Young woodsman Kahrl Evardson leaves his village in rural Latvia to study engineering in the capital, Riga. But not long after completing his apprenticeship he is falsely accused of murder, and realises he must change his plans. Finding menial work aboard a freighter, he meets and falls in love with cabin maid Juhla Rachoan. But unable to support a wife as a fugitive, he jumps ship in South Shields and quickly descends to the lowest depths of despondency. Based on the life of the author's great-grandparents, this is the story of Kahrl's struggle to banish his demons and to seek out the love he so foolishly abandoned. Set against the backdrops of the lovely city of Riga and the plucky Tyneside port of South Shields, this first of a two-book set paves the way for the couple's continuing fight to earn a living among the booming but sometimes deadly fishing trade.

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A Donkeyman's Journey (Part 2 of 2)

Tyneside 1895. Since trawler engineer Charley Evardson's apprenticeship in the Latvian Capital of Riga, brutal ex-foreman Stefan Karpov has been a thorn in his side, and has turned up seeking out his old adversary. Migrant Charley, his wife Juhla and their infant son Kahrl secretly flee South Shields for Grimsby, where Charley hopes to share in the rewards of the town's booming fishing trade. But his high ambitions are soon shattered, and he is forced to accept the rock bottom wages imposed by the cartel of federated trawler owners who control the fishing industry in the Humber port. Intent on playing his part as a good citizen in his adopted home, Charley stands shoulder to shoulder with fellow fishermen in their struggle for decent pay and safer working conditions. Deterioration of relations between workers and bosses culminates in the desperate stand-off now known as the Great Grimsby Lock-out of 1901. By 1914 the transition from Latvian peasant to loyal Englishman is complete and, as the Great War looms, Charley and his family are among the first to demonstrate their patriotism.

Available to purchase from Amazon

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