Emma J. Myatt

Emma Myatt.jpg

Emma writes short stories about reality with a hint of magic/other worldliness. She’s had

some success and is looking forward to one day seeing her collections of short stories

published. She draws on her own slightly bonkers life and experiences for inspiration but has an untameable imagination which goes off all over the place all of the time. She writes

general fiction and science fiction and people seem to enjoy reading what she produces so

she’s happy. If she doesn’t write, her head gets far too full and she craves time in her office, which used to be a porch and is freezing in the winter. She doesn’t have enough hours in the day due to being a busy mum, running a holiday let and attempting to tame the house-chaos but she still manages to be fairly prolific with her words.

Read more at emmajmyatt.wordpress.com