An aspiring author from a small town, Joe enjoys transporting the reader into nightmarish utopias. Aiming for his BA in Professional Writing, he’s otherwise occupied in his mind and extra study.


Joe finds inspiration in night walks, dreams, family, friends and his worst fears. He’s happy with any genre but has a personal fondness for the horror, thriller and western genres. Joe is also interested in writing novels/short stories as well as screenplays for independent films. He has a penchant for merging the real with the surreal, monsters and broken characters - citing ‘Stephen King’ and ‘Hunter S. Thompson’ as personal influences.


Joe can’t wait to continue his writing journey, hopefully meeting up with a cast of colourful characters along the way. His short story ‘The Beekeeper’ has been published in the 2016 ‘Conflict’ anthology through Hammond House. He is currently planning work on a short story collection.