Short Story Judge


Lynette Creswell is a successful novelist and short-story writer, better known for her bestselling fantasy trilogy. Lynette's other works include stories published by Solstice Publishing, Writing Magazine and Love Letters to Poe. Winner of the ‘Write On’ Competition, affiliated by East Coast Pictures, ‘The Generation Game’ was adapted for TV. 


Recently, Lynette came runner up in the SWWJ (Society for Women Writers & Journalist) Floella Benjamin Trophy Cup 2019 with ‘A Slice of Cake’. Lynette has since won a cash prize from Scribble Magazine for her story 'Cat Thief' and in April her short story collection hit the Amazon bestsellers charts staying at number 11 for six weeks.

What advice would you give to people entering the 2020 competition? 

I advise all contestants to check their grammar and spelling. Here's a useful tip: Try using 'Grammarly' it's a free online grammar checker that improves your text. It eliminates grammatical errors and will help you get rid of typos.

As a judge, what are you looking for in a short story?

As a judge, I'm looking for stories outside the box. For example, when we did the Valentine competition earlier this year, the story which grabbed my attention was about a fluffy duck and a teddy bear. This story brought a sense of nostalgia and captured the hearts of all the judges. Also, try and write a story that isn't obvious from the title. Make it mysterious. I want the story to grab me and encourage me to devour every word.