8 Jun 2018

It has to be said, from the hundreds of films released every year, only about seven reach that precipice of film making each yearly cycle. It stands out. It becomes a cult classic. Maybe a diamond in the rough. It has something special. Baby Driver is one of those… 


9 Feb 2018

A brutal, savage retelling of Wolverine and his legacy. The subtly named Logan rips into Wolvie’s later years, opening wounds and switching up the superhero genre in a dramatic, R-rated fare. The movie starts with a brutal fight, of our favourite Hugh getting jacked ab...

11 Oct 2017

‘We Are Groot’ is the new battle cry of a generation and although, not the most awesomely awesome flick by all accounts - this team of oddballs deliver once again with a solid sequel. Opening with ‘Mr Blue Sky’ (Electric Light Orchestra) the title screen set against th...

6 Sep 2017

Dripping with style, Nicolas Winding Refn’s neon clad monster spits in the face of beauty like a venomous snake. Likewise, it has teeth that sink so far into the skin, it may be impossible to pry out. Watching The Neon Demon feels as if the humble viewer is being force...

1 Aug 2017

This corn-syrup bloodfest calls to a new generation of tweens, bullies, geeks, nerds and beauties but how does Carrie 2.0 measure up against De Palma’s legendary take on this classic horror story?

Now, let me point one to the number of reasons a remake may exist:

1: Easy...

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