6 Aug 2017

OK.  So you’re sat there, pen in hand, expectantly waiting for… Nothing.  Zip, nada, zilch, nothing.  And where’s the blasted muse when you need her? Sunbathing in Barbados.  Admiring the view from Table Mountain.  Travelling the Old Silk Road. In fact, she’s anywhere...

4 Jul 2017

 “How did ergonomicsand eugenicsget onto our train services?”  And into business in general, come to that?

Well, ergonomicsis easy. Design fitting people. Or is that the other way round? And public transport, by its very nature, is limited in basic design...

22 May 2017

So. The Muse is back with another story. She’s also eager to know how you did with the last one. You see, there’s a reason self-published work rarely makes it onto shop bookshelves, and it’s not just ticking “E-Book Only” in set-up. If you’re happy as you are, that’s f...

22 Feb 2017

I was just pondering the contrariness of The Muse.  Sitting on the bus, walking on the beach, taking the kids to school, she’s a mine of never-ending inspiration.  But park myself at a desk, get the pad and pen out, and you find she’d rather be sunbathing in Barbados,...

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