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A comedy in five acts by award- winning writer ted stanley packed with outragious charaters delightful punning.

I's 1595 and the box office figures are falling as the Lord Chamberlain's Men churn our the same old stiff. Will and his motley crew of thespians are up to thier eyes in debt, the monarchy are breathing down there necks and time is running out. Will the show go on or is it much ado about nothing?

World premier May 2014. Adapted for BBC Radio in 2017


“ Great show, great script and great cast and crew, really enjoyed it.”

“Brilliant! Loved every moment” .

“It was proper belly laugh funny, and I very rarely laugh out loud at shows.”

It was very funny. If you haven't got a ticket, you've missed out on a treat.

“ it was so funny! Superb performance and script !!””.

“A fabulous show “ “Absolutely fantastic, pure talent!!!!!”

“Amazing performance of Shakespeare in Debt. The cast were on fire and you could here the laughter in the foyer.”

"Continuous laughter and spontaneous applause after every scene”.

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