Paul Hale is a writer based in Louth, Lincolnshire. Some of his most recent work has been published on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. You can listen to them here:

Stay At Home and Mind the Cat

Not Enough Hours In The Day

Going Up

We Always Come Back

He has been experimenting with different genres as illustrated by the list below.

2020 Completed a Science Fiction story in two parts which together comprise a Novella. Hopefully to find its way into another Hammond House Anthology or, alternatively, perhaps to be published elsewhere.


2019 Completed a comedic stage play script centred around female triplets but gathering dust! On the back burner with a view to finding an amateur dramatic group to collaborate with.


2018 Novella published on Amazon Kindle. Title: ‘Senseless?’ This should appeal to anyone who cares about the planet.  It involves Mother Earth, so it may not be serious enough for some but it's a good yarn with a significantly different angle on ‘superpowers'.


2018 Fish Anthology. Fish Publishing (Ireland). One of the winning Flash Fiction entries. Title: 'Always wear a Safety Helmet'

2017 Hammond House Publishing Short Story Competition. Title: 'A Matter of Life or Death'.  


2012 Stratford-upon-Avon Literary Festival. One of the winning poetry entries. Published in 'Words Paint Pictures'. Title: 'A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.'


2011 Winner NFU Mutual Insurance Group 2012 Poetry Competition (Make a Wish). Title: 'My Wish for better Vision' Judged by author Annie Ashworth.