Winner £100

Recorded production and publication of Winning script.

Publication and rehearsed recorded reading to a live audience for top six scripts. 


Fifteen-minute script for Theatre, Radio, TV,  Film,  

Manuscript to be submitted be in the correct industry format for media.






10 minutes duration

( 10 pages)



The Winner will receive  £25 and their screenplay will be professionally produced and submitted for entry to the BAFTA qualifying AESTHETICA film festival


Film trailer produced for

second and third places


Entry fee:  £10 Members £5

Feedback option: £10

Submission deadline: 30th September 2018


Winners announced: December 2018


Please read Submission Guidelines and Terms and Conditions  before submitting your entry 





We are pleased to announce our successful scriptwriting competition is continuing for a second year providing opportunities for the winner and shortlisted entrants to work with industry professionals in bringing their script to life.


Scripts should  be submitted for a short Film, ( 10 pages)  in the correct standard industry format. We recommend using industry standard software such as CELTX. You can download a free version  HERE 


Sponsored by The University Centre Grimsby and Kenwick Park Golf Hotel and Spa



Graduating from university with a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Digital Film & Television, Curtis is a vibrant young film producer/director with a wide-ranging knowledge of the industry. His work includes multiple productions for Estuary TV and Lime Pictures productions of Hollyoaks. He has written produced and directed several short films including  ‘Plato’s Cave’, entered into the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.  His main goal is to create a film that resonates and is remembered by an audience.

'I am looking for a level of creativity, originality, and skill that can compete with industry professionals across the country. I am looking for a script that tells a captivating story from a unique perspective. Ensure that all of the characters are well developed, three-dimensional and have a backstory to them (even if it is not mentioned in the script). As a rule of thumb, I would suggest keeping your characters to a maximum of three main characters. Make your script important to you. It doesn’t have to be important to anyone else, as long as it is important to you. Make it personal. Make sure to incite some sort of emotional response from your audience (that could range from hysterical laughter to heart-wrenching tears). Don’t leave any excess fat on it. Make sure that everything in your script is relevant. (no walking from one location to another, just for the sake of travelling). Remember, every minute that your story is played at a film festival is a minute that is taken out of their film slot. The longer the film, the harder it is to fill that slot. Finally, and most importantly, please keep in mind that if you are successful, it will be a low-budget film. So no scenes with hundreds of characters or extras, no extravagant locations (space, airport, penthouse suite), and no explosions.  I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to being absorbed in the world of your scripts and potentially working together on a film.'

Curtis Hogarth 



Programme Leader for the TV and Film Production degrees at the UCG. He has worked along Estuary TV to help set up, and establish the local TV station, as well as helping develop the look for the channel as a whole. He has also worked alongside the likes of the Premiere League, the RFU, and the FA to help develop a range of projects.


'I am acutely aware of the challenges of filming and producing short films. Some short film scripts tend to try and compete with "Star Wars" for scale and grandeur, however, it is the simple idea, carried with an air of comedy that interest me the most, and often provide the best entertainment.'


Dan Carter







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