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Author Profile : Heather Buckby

Heather lives in the small seaside town of Cleethorpes, on the Lincolnshire coast. Her award-winning poetry, first published when she was just eleven, continued to be her focus throughout her teens, including the internationally published ‘Fallen Rose Petal’. Her inspiration is spontaneous and random. 'There is no specific time that an idea will pop into my head, it can happen at any time and is usually quite basic. When I begin to think over the idea new bits of the story seem to fit into place until I have a strong plot to work on'. Heather's plays include ‘Past”, a Halloween Horror, and 'Poppets Pockets', a moving exploration delving into the internal conflict of dementia. Her short stories include 'The Doll', 'Eternity, and 'Alfie'. Heather is currently writing two novels, ‘Out of Line’; a psychological horror, and ‘Neoma’; a sci-fi fantasy, both due for publication soon. Her latest short story 'Eternity Synopsis' is due to be published by Hammond House in late 2016. Whatever the genre: Horror, Fantasy, or Psychological Thriller, Heather’s work is always absorbing, transporting you to other worlds or showing your own world from a different perspective. Find out more about Heather's work

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