Poetry Competitions in the UK

Name- Frequency- Fee- Top Prize- Link


Cafe Aphra Poem of the Month- Varies- Free- Published on Website - https://cafeaphrapilot.blogspot.co.uk/

Sentinel Liberty- Quarterly- £4- £200- http://sentinelquarterly.com/

Spilling Cocoa over Martin Amis- Varies- Free- Published on Website- http://www.spillingcocoa.com/

Templar Poetry- Varies- Varies- http://templarpoetry.com/

Wanton F******- Varies- Free- Hobnobs and a Drawing- https://wantonfuckery.wordpress.com/

Writers' Forum- Monthly- £4-£100- http://www.writers-forum.com/

Writing Maps A3- Varies- £3-£175- https://www.writingmaps.com/collections/the-a3-review


Arran Theatre- Deadline June- £5- £1000- https://www.arrantheatreandarts.co.uk/poetry-competition

Bridport- Deadline May- £9- £5000- https://www.bridportprize.org.uk/

Christopher Towery- Varies- Free- £3000- http://www.towerpoetry.org.uk/. For 16-18 year olds in full time education

Coffee House Troubadour- Deadline June- £5/6- Varies- http://www.coffeehousepoetry.org/

Forward Arts Foundation- Deadline March- Free- £10K for best collection, £5K for best 1st collection and 1K for best single poem- http://www.forwardartsfoundation.org/

High Sheriff's Cheshire Prize- Deadline September- Free- £2000- http://www.chester.ac.uk/literatureprize. For people from Cheshire, Wirral, Warrington and Halton

Ledbury Poetry Festival- Deadline July- £5- £1000- http://www.poetry-festival.co.uk/

Live Canon Poetry- Deadline July- £6.50- £1000- http://www.livecanon.co.uk/

Magic Oxygen- Deadline December- £5- £1000- http://www.magicoxygen.co.uk/

Manchester Poetry Prize- Deadline September- £17.50- £10,000 shared- http://www.manchesterwritingcompetition.co.uk/

Newcastle University Poetry- Varies- Varies- £1000- http://www.ncl.ac.uk/ncla/competitions/

The Plough Poetry- Deadline December- £5- £1000- http://www.theploughprize.co.uk/

The Poetry Society- Deadline October- £6.50- £5000- http://poetrysociety.org.uk/

Winchester Poetry- Deadline July- £5- £1000- http://poetrysociety.org.uk/


Artificium Poetry- Deadline Varies- £5- Published on Website- http://www.artificium.co.uk/

Battered Moons- Deadline June- £5- £700- http://batteredmoons.com/

Bedford- Deadline September- £6- £500- http://bedfordwritingcompetition.co.uk/

Canterbury Festival- Deadline June- £5- £200- http://www.canterburyfestival.co.uk/

Chlockoderick- Deadline January- £5- £500- http://www.clochoderickpress.co.uk/

Crowvus- Deadline March- £3- 40% of fees raised- https://www.crowvus.com/

David Burland- Deadline July- £8- £200- http://www.davidburlandliteraryservices.com/

Grey Hen Competition- Deadline April- £3- £100- http://www.greyhenpress.com/. Over 60s

Grindstone International- Deadline September- £10- £500- http://www.grindstoneliterary.com/

Jane Martin- Deadline March- Free- £700- http://www.girton.cam.ac.uk/jane-martin-poetry-prize. 18-30

Momaya Poetry- Deadline October- £7- £70- http://momayapress.com/

Overton Poetry Prize- Deadline March- £12- £50- http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/aed/about/creative-opportunities/competitions-prizes/overton-poetry-prize/

Poetry Book Students- Deadline December- £10- £100- https://www.poetrybooks.co.uk/. Students 18+

Poetry Pulse- Deadline June- £5- £300- http://www.poetrypulse.com/

Poets and Players- Deadline April- £4- £600- https://poetsandplayers.co/

Prole Poetry- Deadline June- £12- £100- http://www.prolebooks.co.uk/

SaveAs Writers- Deadline August- £3- £100- http://saveaswriters.co.uk/

Segora Poetry- Deadline June- £4- £300- http://www.poetryproseandplays.com/

Shepton Mallet- Deadline January- Free for Children/£3 for 18+, £120- http://www.sheptonsnowdropfestival.org.uk/

Stroud Book Festival- Deadline June- £5- £500- https://stroudbookfestival.org.uk/

The London Magazine- Deadline May- £7- £300- http://www.thelondonmagazine.org/

Torbay Festival- Deadline August- £7- £500- http://www.torbaypoetryfestival.co.uk/

Wells Festival- Deadline June- £6- £750- http://www.wellsfestivalofliterature.org.uk/

Wenlock Festival- Varies- £5- £500- http://www.wenlockpoetryfestival.org/competitions/

Writers Bureau Limerick- Deadline April- £5- £300- http://www.wbcompetition.com/