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Advice for Writers: Learning the Craft

Creative writing is, for many, a pleasurable pastime, for others, a vocation, for some, a profession, but it is also a craft and like any other craft you will need to develop some basic knowledge, understanding and skills to practice it successfully. Yes, creative flair and a vivid imagination are beneficial, but if you don't have the knowledge and skills to get those ideas out of your head and on to the page in a readable form then the world will not have the pleasure of discovering your genius. If you had a passion for beautiful furniture and an idea for a magnificent cabinet, you would not expect to be able to make it without learning the craft of carpentry. Few become great artists without learning their craft by practicing life drawing and painting techniques. An examination of Picasso's early work is a perfect illustration. So don't sit staring at a blank page while the wonderful ideas remain as figments of your imagination, learn to use the chisels and brushes of the writer's craft to bring those ideas to life. (From The Secrets of Storytelling )

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