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Hammond House Member John Martin Publishes His Latest Book

Hammond House member John Martin has published his latest novel, Sold Out Too. The third in the When Darkness Calls series, Sold Out Too is a gripping and uncompromising book about love, revenge, sacrifice and redemption.

Steve Canning wakes in the hospital after his attempted suicide.

After his daughter’s funeral, Steve finds himself a suspect in the murder of his sister-in-law, after receiving a mysterious text message. The police further query the death of his daughter and the stabbing of his next-door neighbour.

Steve is determined to clear his name and exact revenge of biblical proportion on the real culprit.

As seems to be the norm for Steve, the road to redemption is a bumpy one, paved with hidden agendas, deceit, and cold-blooded murder.

It appears that the one person he can trust, is the one person that he should trust the least.

As the story reaches its climax, will Steve’s appetite for revenge be finally sated?

Will Steve finally get what he deserves, or does he in fact deserve what he gets?

Sold Out Too is available to buy now on Amazon.

Discover the When Darkness Calls series on John's website: and find out more about John on his Author's Page, here.

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