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Meet the Illustrators | 2021 Poetry Anthology

This year our poetry anthology not only contains award-winning poetry from around the world, but also beautiful original artwork from eight artists, each inspired by the poems and their themes.

Meet the Illustrators:

Glynne Bulman

Art has been part of Lincolnshire-based Glynne's life ever since she was a teenager. After graduating with a degree in ceramic sculpture, Glynne taught art in schools, and has recently retired as Head of Art at a Lincolnshire Grammar School to fully concentrate on her work. Her artwork is mainly focused on painting, with elements of printmaking and textiles. Her work ranges in subject matter, from landscape and still-life, to the figure and portraits.

See more from Glynne here.


Deborah Geddes

Based in Louth, Lincolnshire, Debbie graduated from Nottingham University in 2015 with a BA Hons in Fine Art. Her work explores the impact of moving something or someone from its original place, the familiar becoming unfamiliar, reflecting how continual changes over the passage of time distorts the memory. Her latest work explores the visual interpretation of human relationships experimenting with colour and form.

You can see more from Debbie here.


Margaret Inkpen

Based in Lincoln, Margaret was an Occupational Therapist for 40 years, working in the UK and Canada, before retiring to spend more time travelling and drawing. She has recently published and illustrated a children's book, The Pika and the Pink Mountain, and her artwork is sold at art craft fairs locally and in Yorkshire. Illustrating poems for the anthology has been a challenge, as she wanted to do justice to the words, and also try to capture the vision of the writer.

Her surname and the fact that she works with pen and ink is a coincidence!


Meg Macleod

Meg lives in the far north of Scotland and has a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria in Canada. Her artwork is inspired by the natural world, our place in it as humans, and the varied and elusive qualities of 'Love', set against the background of our fast changing and contrary societies.

Meg also writes short stories and poems. Her work is currently shortlisted for the Edinburgh Flash Fiction Competition and her book of poems, Raven Songs, is available on Amazon.


Jo Maltby

Jo lives in Louth, Lincolnshire, where she runs her art and design business, Jo Maltby ART. She has a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art from Lincoln University. After working in hospitality, the coronavirus pandemic was the catalyst for her decision to leave her job and start her businesses as a full time artist. Jo's likes to explore the graphic and linear, where tone is reduced and contrast increased, and draws influence from pop art references and popular culture.

You can see more from Joe on her Facebook page: Jo Maltby ART


Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer has published an illustrated memoir called The Narcissist and Me. She runs The House With the Blue Door, in which she produces paintings and prints in northern Lincolnshire using ink and watercolours. She also runs Colour Outside the Lines which showcases her journaling and illustration work.

You can see more Sarah on her social media pages:

Facebook: The House With the Blue Door

Instagram: thehousewiththebludoor

Facebook: Colour Outside the Lines


Rachel Sené

Currently living by the sea in Bournemouth, Rachel has been incessantly scribbling since childhood. Following several evening courses, life drawing classes, and an ever-increasing archive of homemade cards at her parents’ house, she’s finally begun sharing her art more widely. Rachel mostly works with pen and ink, specialising in portraits, animals (the furrier, the better), and figure work. Inspired by great illustrators like Quentin Blake, she favours scruffy lines over meticulous details, resulting in often quite chaotic, emotional pictures (and more than a few broken biros!).

As a lover and occasional writer of poetry, this was a dream project for Rachel, who’s keen to do more work with poetry and illustration.

Find Rachel’s scribbles as ‘Just an Inkling’ here:

Instagram: just_an_inklingg

Facebook: JustanInklingArt


Doriano Solinas

Doriano Solinas began his career as a political cartoonist in his native country of Italy. His work appeared regularly in some of Italy’s most influential news and financial publications including Il Tirreno, Tango, and Cuore. Since then, his work has evolved into a dynamic conceptual illustration style that has made him an international success. Doriano’s distinctive characters make his work instantly recognisable. His portfolio is very diverse with topics from education and lifestyle to economy, business, and technology.

Doriano’s illustrations have been featured in a variety of advertising projects and publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Industry Week Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Il sole 24 ore, Corriere della sera, and La Repubblica.

You can see more of Doriano's work here.


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