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MEET THE JUDGES: Joe Fuller - Short Story

MEET THE JUDGES of our 2022 Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize

Joe Fuller is one of the judges of our Short Story category in this year's 2022 Hammond House Publishing writing competition.

Joe Fuller is an author and film reviewer from Grimsby who loves to see the grey in the black and white. He came second in the Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize in 2016 with his short story 'The Beekeeper' and has since gone on to judge both stories and scripts in years since.

He has published a novella and two short story collections in Blue And Cherry, White Rabbits On Salted Ice and Softcore Violence. While his inspirations range everywhere from Nick Cave, to Easton Ellis, to Tarantino and Scorsese - Joe has an affinity for nightlife and horror but also enjoys historical fiction and looks for visual and punchy writing during the judging process.

Commenting on this year's entries to the Short Story category of the Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize, Joe told us:

"This year has been less of a sprint in the sense of an unprecedented number of entries but the quality has been all-around good and writers are stepping up their batting averages, especially in the shortlisted camp.

"The judging has been a grand experience akin to a chewy, belly buster steak because of the scope, ideas and quantity displayed with many stories taking their time to be told. Nothing is truly more rewarding or more refreshing than seeing other ways to approach storytelling, the learning process is ever constant and I've always thought you can learn equal shares from good writing and bad writing.

"I feel that, as a judge, I always benefit from the process in a myriad of ways, not only do you feel the joy of the author and the passion of the project but the characters you meet and worlds you fall into always dare to be a gate you never want to close. I'd rather entrants fly too close to the sun than dawdle in the shores and reading through this library of entries I can confirm that the best of them have high aspirations that they have hit. And, to all, a reminder to keep going. Your story might have been told but not in the way you tell it."

* The 2022 Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize shortlisted entries will be announced on our website on 4th December and winners announced on 11th December 2022 on Billboard TV.


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