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MEET THE JUDGES: Lynne O'Neill - Songwriting and Poetry

MEET THE JUDGES of our 2022 Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize

Lynne O'Neill is one of the judges for our songwriting and poetry categories in our 2022 Hammond House Publishing writing competition.

Lynne has been singing folk/jazz/Brazilian music for nearly 30 years, recording, performing and teaching in the UK and Europe.

She recently collaborated with jazz guitarist Malcolm McFarlane and Poet Caroline Johnstone as JMO, to create music with mindful, inspirational vibes, winning our Hammond House Publishing, best performed song category in 2021 with “You are the Light”.

You can listen to the winning song here: https://malcolmmacfarlane.bandcamp.com/.../you-are-the-light

Since the beginning of her career, there has been a personal connection with mindfulness and singing which has formed the foundation of her voice teaching skills and she has recently completed an MSc in Mindfulness which brings her interest in these two things together.

Commenting on the judging process for the Hammond House Publishing writing competition, Lynne told us: "I've really enjoyed judging both categories and found it challenging and interesting because the range of poems, songs and styles are really broad, with some confident, high quality entries."

Find out more and connect with Lynne O'Neill here: https://www.facebook.com/lynneoneillwellbeing/ https://malcolmmacfarlane.bandcamp.com/.../language-of-light

* The 2022 Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize shortlisted entries will be announced on our website on 4th December 2022 and winners announced on 11th December 2022 on Billboard TV.


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