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MEET THE JUDGES: Matt Wixey - Screenplay

MEET THE JUDGES of our 2022 Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize.

Matt Wixey is one of the judges for the screenplay category in this year's Hammond House Publishing writing competition.

Matt Wixey is a writer from London. His recent screenwriting accomplishments include being longlisted for both the BBC's Open Call and the Channel 4 4Screenwriting course. He recently finished writing his first novel, has had several short stories and plays published and produced, and his debut full-length play, Stray Dogs, was produced in 2021.

Matt enjoys writing horror, sci-fi, and dark comedy, particularly about the interplay between science, technology, and culture. When not writing, Matt works in cybersecurity, studies for a part-time PhD, and collects typewriters.

Matt comments about the screenwriting entries this year: "The standard of entries in the Hammond House Publishing Screenwriting category this year is exceptionally high. A really diverse set of entries, full of twists, raw emotion, beautiful dialogue, and humour. Writers have really taken the theme and run with it, giving us this wonderful eclectic mix of genres and styles."

"As I write this, I'm looking forward to meeting with the other judges this evening and discussing the submissions - but I'm also dreading it, because there are so many great scripts that choosing a shortlist is going to be really difficult! I feel very lucky to be in a position to read so many unique scripts, so thank you to everyone who submitted. Regardless of where your submission ends up in the competition, thanks for sharing your vision and your words with us."

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