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MEET THE JUDGES: Sarah Crockford - Scriptwriting, Comedy and Short Story

MEET THE JUDGES of our 2022 Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize

Sarah Crockford is one of the judges for the scripts, having won this category in the 2018 Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize. She is also a judge for the Comedy and Short Story categories.

She told us: "I loved reading through all the entries, especially as the standard was so high this year, and it made my job much harder. It's great that the script category covers film, radio and theatre now, and there were entries representing all of these formats."

"This year, I have also had the pleasure of being part of the comedy judging, which is a new category. I look forward to this becoming as popular as the other categories, and want to thank those who took the plunge to enter this year's competition - I really enjoyed reading them!"

"Just because I find it so rewarding reading through entries, I also helped out with the short stories. I was impressed with the range of topics, characters and plots. It was so hard to choose stories to go through to the shortlist. Well done to everyone who entered. It just shows that even if you don't make the shortlist, or don't make the top spots, to not give up on your writing. Next year may be your moment!"

"Having always wanted to 'be a writer' I finally started on that journey in 2016, and completed several courses as well as reading a very long list of 'how to' books. I don't think you ever stop learning though, so I find it's important to get on with the business (and hopefully fun!) of writing. It's also helped with my anxieties - getting words down on paper and out of my head has become a very useful coping strategy."

"Thanks again for entering - and good luck with the results. I'm already looking forward to next year!"

You can find more details about Sarah on her website www.sarahcrockford.com or you can follow her on www.facebook.com/SarahCrockfordWriting

* The 2022 Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize shortlisted entries will be announced on our website on 4th December and winners announced on 11th December 2022 on Billboard TV.


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