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Screenplay Winner Sarah Crockford Joins The Judging Panel

In 2018 Sarah won the judges over with her winning screenplay The Bargain. Now she joins the judging panel for our 2020 competition in the Screenplay category! Hammond House team member Alex recently spoke to her about what she wanted to see from entrants into the 2020 competition.


As a judge, what are you looking for in a screenplay?

I’m looking for a story that moves along, even in such a short timeframe – I want to be motivated to keep reading. I’d also like to meet characters I believe in, and engage with: I don’t have to like them of course, but I want to learn about how they see the world, and to understand why they take the actions they take.

What advice would you give to people entering the 2020 competition?

I think it’s good to be inventive with the theme, and to have fun coming up with ideas. Once you’ve chosen the one you want to develop into a script, do lots of planning, but try not to get too caught up with ‘writing rules’. It’s too easy to become very serious about what you’re trying to achieve, which could lead to stilted dialogue, or too much description. If you enjoy the process, it will shine through in what you write.


See Sarah's judges page here and visit her website at:

Inspired to do some writing? Find out more about the 2020 competition and enter here.

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