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WINNER of the Recorded Song category in our 2022 International Literary Prize: Penelope McMorris

WINNER of the Recorded Song category in our 2022 Hammond House Publishing International Literary Prize, awarded by the University Centre Grimsby, is ‘Wake Up To Reality’ words and music by Penelope McMorris.

Penelope McMorris aka Penny Mac is a singer, musician, creator and educator who writes original songs, educational parodies and instrumental music.

A jazz graduate of Leeds College of Music, Penelope has enjoyed singing internationally and has performed for current British and Monegasque royalty. When not teaching music at ISN international school she spends her time performing, composing and recording new material.

Penelope has won and been nominated for several songwriting awards, including Los Angeles International Film Festival, Hollywood Gold Film Festival and Golden Giraffe Film Festival and she is working on developing more songs and music with themes, specifically written for films.

She lives in Nice, France and can be found on various social media including her YouTube channel @pennymacsinger, LinkedIn or via her website

Winners and shortlisted entries in the short story, poetry and song lyrics categories will be published in the 2023 Hammond House Publishing anthologies to be launched at our annual Literary Festival on 22nd February 2023 at the University Centre Grimsby.

SEE THE RESULTS of our 2022 Hammond House Publishing Literary Prize here:

(Photo credit Kathrin Hoyos)

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