Twenty-four-year-old Sophie lives in the peaceful village of New Waltham and enjoys walking in the local countryside with her young puppy, Jasper. Her wide range of work includes screenplays, historical fiction and short stories. Inclination Pursuit, her latest short story set in a dystopian London a hundred years in the future will be published by Hammond House later this year. Sophie’s guilty pleasure is daytime TV, where she finds inspiration for new and unique characters. If you like your fantasy mixed with a good dose of science fiction, you’ll love reading Sophie.

Inclination Pursuit 

Everything is as it should be In a world where mind control signals have abolished wars and banished independent thought ... until a  signal fails inside one girl's mind,  and the compliant world that has been created unfolds in front of her. Eighteen-year-old Kimmy has lived her whole life in the city, surrounded by a population who are being controlled by higher powers. They reside in tall towers in the middle of every city in the world.   Signals are sent out to microchips, implanted in people’s necks as soon as they are born, to stop free will and to try and ‘save’ society from the state of war and poverty it had got itself into in the past. When Kimmy starts suffering blinding headaches she wonders what is happening as she begins to feel her own free will coming through for the first time. As she tries to explain to people what is happening to her and tries to convince them to stand with her against the conformity, she comes up against the controllers who are determined to get her back in line, no matter what it takes.


Annabel's War 

Annabel's father has gone away to fight in World War II. In his absence Annabel and her mother battle the loneliness and fear which comes with living in London during wartime.


Escape - Screen play

A downtrodden woman, Mia, experiences first hand the horrors of domestic mental and physical abuse. Her fight to escape from her partner Adam's clutches  results in unforeseeable circumstances which change everything.





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