Ted Stanley


Actor, writer and broadcaster, Ted lives with his artist partner, Debbie in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds and Andalucía in Spain.  First published in 2004, Ted began by writing textbooks for national vocational qualifications and producing IT training videos Including his best-selling Begin IT and ECDL


His poetry, which he sometimes performs at literary festivals, includes Sunday Papers and Enchantment published in Poetry Aloud, 2006 and Balancing Act, 2012.  


More recently he has been writing for the theatre where his plays include The Pact, The Princess of Arcadia and Shakespeare in Debt, an award-winning comedy that held its world premiere in 2015. (available here)


His short stories include The Anderson Shelter, The Constant Highway and Best Man for the Job, published in an anthology of award-winning short stories, Voices in the Dark. (available here)


His screenplays include Spin and What’s in a Name, a short film script chosen for the LA Film Festival in 2016. His short stories are included in the Hammond House annual anthologies. Whatever the medium or genre, Ted always has a humorous element to his work.


He is currently working on TV and film production for the BILLBOARD channel and studying for a BA in Professional Writing at the University centre Grimsby.  www.tedstanley.uk






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