A 24-year-old with a masterful talent for exploring the human psyche, Toni lives in the small town of Grimsby with her two-year-old son. Her most successful stories reflect her passion for the struggles of life and the darkness that resides, and often hides, within human nature.


Like most compulsive writers she keeps a notepad at hand for ‘Any of those persistent little ideas that pop up and run away with themselves.’ Toni’s passion for writing about the conflicts of the human mind is seen at its best in her highly acclaimed short story, Headline: the tale of a man who holds unfathomable paranoia and beliefs.


Her beautifully written screenplay Dangerous Affections explores the hazards and disasters of modern life when a young girl's night out takes a terrifying turn for the worst.  If you enjoy exploring the struggles and torments that besiege the human mind, then join Toni on a trip to the dark side.





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