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The Hammond House Academy offers the opportunity to develop the craft of creative writing through a series of workshops, using a unique method of teaching and practice developed by Hammond House founder, Ted Stanley. The foundation course covers the basic skills required to be a successful writer whether for pleasure or professional development. The writing masterclasses take individual topics to an advanced level. Our tutors are all published writers, university lecturers and graduates in professional and creative writing.


The foundation course is not, however, a series of lectures, but practical writing workshops where you will learn and develop your craft through a unique method of experiential learning. Many graduates of the Hammond House Academy have become published authors and been featured in prestigious writing competitions.

The Secrets of Storytelling: Hammond House founder, Ted Stanley, shares his unique teaching methods in a series of video workshops that cover the topics found in the academy foundation programme, providing the basic skills required to be a successful writer. The same style of experiential learning will take you through a series of explanations, examples, and exercises that develop your skills and knowledge. 


The programme is supported by downloadable resources and successful graduates may have the opportunity for their work to be published. Beta versions of the programme are currently been tested by writers groups and professional authors.  


A free taster workshop will soon be available on Kickstarter, where there will be an opportunity to purchase the foundation programme with some unique benefits. A series of Masterclasses will also be available for further development of your craft and exclusive writing competitions provide focus and motivation. 


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Learning The Craft: Creative writing is, for many, a pleasurable pastime, for others, a vocation, for some, a profession, but it is also a craft and like any other craft you will need to develop some basic knowledge, understanding and skills to practice it successfully.  Yes, creative flair and a vivid imagination are beneficial, but if you don't have the knowledge and skills to get those ideas out of your head and on to the page in a readable form then the world will not have the pleasure of discovering your genius. 


If you had a passion for beautiful furniture and an idea for a magnificent cabinet, you would not expect to be able to make it without learning the craft of carpentry.  Few become great artists without learning their craft by practicing life drawing and painting techniques. An examination of Picasso's early work is a perfect illustration. 


So don't sit staring at a blank page while the wonderful ideas remain as figments of your imagination, learn to use the chisels and brushes of the writer's craft to bring those ideas to life.  Ted Stanley

Here are two video workshops from journalist, editor and author Fred McNamara, a university lecturer in creative writing, provide a valuable insight into becoming a professional writer and an example of topics covered in the BA Hons in Professional and Creative Writing at University Centre Grimsby.


The videos include mini assignments you can do and submit to Fred for feedback at